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LA offices

Puur Festival

For over 7 years Puur organises biannual Leiden-based festivals with great success. Delivering sold out winter and summer events from various genres; hits, disco, techno and house. Top notch artists such as Benny Rodriguez, Dale Howard, Josh Butler, Chris Stussy and David Vunk perform at their biannual festivals. Together with local up-and-coming talents from Leiden.

I had the opportunity to be responsible for the complete designs of several editions. Consisting of print, digital and motion products. The challenge of the job was to accomplish a look-and-feel that is approachable, but with an underground vibe at the same time. Doing this by using latest trends such as outline text, tailor made illustrations and bright colors. It’s a great challenge to create a brand identity involving different type of products and accompanying messages within a tight deadline.