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I’m Tim a freelance digital designer focused on building brands and digital experiences.
I work globally and remotely from my base in Utrecht (NL).

With over 9 years of collaborating with renowned brands and agencies, I have gained expertise in diverse fields such as Art Direction, Brand Identities, Campaigns, eCommerce, and Design Systems. My passion lies in crafting distinctive and innovative experiences, often challenging conventions to achieve a more impact.

Besides my passion for design I am learning and expanding my skill set in music production and motion design. I believe that this interdisciplinary approach can help creating even more engaging and immersive experiences.

Before I went independently, I established a strong foundation in digital design during my time at Bravoure & Code D’azur. This background has equipped me with a good understanding of the digital landscape, and delivering unique design solutions.




Odido, Polestar, Miele, Rabobank, Picnic, Redbull, Dekmantel, ADE, Awakenings, ABN AMRO, KLM



Bravoure, CODE D’AZUR, Kaliber Interactive, Wayne Parker Kent, CHUNK, Boomerang Agency, Publicis One



Awwward Polestar
Awwward ADE
FWA What If Machine
Lovie KLM Voice



Brand Identity, Art Direction, Digital Design, Design Systems, eCommerce, UX, UI, Prototyping