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KLM Voice

KLM Travel Assistant is a new, more intuitive, way for KLM customers to manage their entire pre-travel process: get inspired, book your ticket, pack your bag and leave in-time for your flight. An all-in-one seamless experience. This is how KLM makes the future of travel voice-driven. There are 5 services book, inspire, departure, pack and deals. I did the VUI of the book, inspire, departure and deals flows.

The bookings flow allows users to find a suitable ticket based on the same parameters used on web. We want to find out these different departure airport, destination and date.

Users can receive suitable travel destination suggestions, by answering a series of questions based on interests.

With KLM Travel Assistant the Dutchies can get a tailor made advice when to leave their house on time to catch their flight. Whether this is by car or public transport. All the Schiphol waiting times are taking into account. Making use of the Schiphol Wayfinding API.

KLM Best Deals is a pretty basic voice service to discover nice deals in a fast way. Every week there will be new offers with even more discount compared to the website. Just by a one-step invocation users will receive deals immediately.

been servicing up to 1000 people a week already
handled over 45.000 voice interactions in total