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Marmeren Tafels

Marmeren Tafels (Marble tables) is an interior brand by Dutchterior. The collection has a variety of different shaped tables and types of marble. Imported from North Italy and processed by Spanish experts. But the Dutch Design focus is always in the center when it comes to creating a new product. Marmeren Tafels delivers in whole Benelux and having plans to enroll in other countries as well.

I was responsible for the whole branding and UX & UI of Marmeren Tafels. Creating a brand that’s targeted on young professionals and young families with a trendy interior taste. The style is very clean and geometric using square shapes in a playful manner. To give it a modern look & feel and a direct link to the Marmeren Tafels we used a color pallet inspired by the colors of marble. The inventory has trend sensitive products, what we embraced and used to consistently keep the brand upfront and noticeable at Instagram, Pinterest and the e-commerce website.

I am still continuously involved in the process to build a better brand and website experience that suits new CX insights.