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Is the Dutch digital supermarket leader with a market share of 52,7% in 2019. The business is rapidly growing; adding new cities to delivery-network every week. Picnic is also exploring opportunities in other markets; Germany, Benelux and The United States.

But defining Picnic as a digital supermarket only, would be too narrow-minded. In the end, Picnic is a tech company that creates tools to optimize the logistic process. Therefore, it’s very important for Picnic to hire topnotch developers only. To do so, I worked on a new career website with a key focus on the developer persona.

To persuade new talent we focussed on the attractive working culture at Picnic; an incredible team of talented top-university-educated employees that like to work in a low-hierarchy environment. This informal culture is also reflected by their website photography that. shows their yearly festival, bar and recreation possibilities.

The design includes a lot of subtle features to surprise techy users. These micro interactions show a potential employee Picnics knowledge of technology. The colors and edgy shapes are used to differentiate the career website from the familiar Picnic website. Interesting combinations of patterns, skewed lines and rounded corners delivers a modern and techy look-and-feel.