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For the new Odido brand identity, I was responsible for transitioning 100+ platforms to the new visual language. Odido’s rebrand is one of the biggest in The Netherlands from the last years. Odido is based on the joined forces from T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2. Together they have more than 6 million users.

I was part of code d’azur agency team. Our responsibility was to create the new digital identity but making sure it resonates with the instore and print experiences.

For most of the platforms I created a first draft of the Odido digital playbook. Creating clarity and consistency for both in-house teams and agencies. This way all the different teams can work autonomously on the rebrand but maintaining the same visual language. I touch upon ruling for typography, iconography, imagery, colours and most used components.

But of course some platforms needed a bit more love to make sure the new brand will create enough impact. Some of these specific cases are the TV app, email templates, B2B dashboard, Innovation Lab and Blogs.