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LA offices


I worked as a UI/UX designer within a multi disciplinary team. Building a new platform named AskTeamClean (part of Henkel) starting from Germany. The concept behind the platform is to reach Henkel’s target audiences by a content first approach. Helping people with cleaning their household via articles, videos , services and a community. From straight forward tips to innovative mobile label scanners.


New services

To keep users engaged with the platform and add value we developed new features such as a wash label scanner, cleaning schedule, profile gamification and persona quiz. I was responsible for creating user stories, flows, environment analyses, UI design and making persuasive design decisions based on data gathered by the Data Analysis.


Design system

Besides that we created a digital guidance platform next to it. To help Henkel enroll the platform worldwide. Keeping it consistent within different regions of the world but without losing the local strength of content. Within this digital guidance platform I was responsible for building a design system based on the principles of Atomic design. More specific designing reusable components and writing descriptions.