Festival De Fusie

Festival De Fusie is the biggest student festival from Leiden. About Blanc was responsible for the total branding of the event. And created a festival design that can stood the time for the upcoming years.
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Puur Winterfestival

Festival identity design of Puur NYE Winterfestival 2019 edition. Located at Leiden Lammermarkt with artists such as Locklead, Chris Stussy & Chris Deluxe. View trailer
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Nieuwlicht Festival

NieuwLicht is the first festival that inspires and moves a generation to improve the lives of others. Everybody contributes; participants, sponsors, visitors and artists. Just by having a great time, sharing their energy, creativity and by being part of this concept. We want to make an effort to support the lives of the less fortunate in this world. With a series of creative events we will open up your view on this world and at the same time give you the chance to contribute. Each year, all event participants donate part of their entrance fee to a good cause, supporting the lives of others.
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